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Pro ana tips and tricks to loss weigh in 2019

A majority of the present day populace suffers from obesity. While many may assume that they are simply overweight and not obese, a quick body mass index calculation can prove otherwise.

Obesity has a much bigger range and one who weighs 200 pounds can be obese if the body mass index is more than 30.

There are numerous ways to lose weight but with obese people, the trouble is that most of the conventional strategies do not work.

Exercising in a gym or trying to adhere to a semi strict diet often doesn’t work out at all. Obese people are likely to have a much slower metabolic rate which makes it even harder to lose weight, let aside losing weight fast.

Pro-Ana is one of the fastest and most surefire ways to lose weight. It works for all and sundry, whether you are overweight or obese. Pro Ana derives its nomenclature from anorexia nervosa.

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder where an individual doesn’t eat at all. People suffering from anorexia nervosa are extremely skinny and may often look unhealthy, weak and undesirable.

Pro Ana is not however trying to promote anorexia nervosa, as may appear to be obvious from the name. It is simply a lifestyle, a diet regimen to be precise, which aims at becoming skinny in order to lose weight.

Obese people do not have the luxury to consume apparently healthier diets because that would only restrict them from putting on further weight but not aid at all to lose weight that has been accumulated for a long time.

Saturated fat that has transformed into solidified adipose tissues in the body is the hardest to get rid off and obese people have generous amounts of such fat.

Pro Ana advocates for a strict crash diet which is close to starving. This extreme diet triggers quick weight loss in the body. The concept is based on the scientific fact that when the body is deprived of any nutrients or calories, it would be compelled to burn up existing fat to generate calories which is essential for energy.

Even if a person doesn’t work out or indulge in any major physical activity, calories are still required for normal bodily functions and movement. When fat is burned at a rapid rate owing to the void of calorie consumption, the body loses weight rapidly.

Pro Anorexia is a typically 30 day to 50 day dieting regimen that would surely lead to excellent weight loss among all and sundry.

Having said that, Pro Ana still has to be an extremely personalized approach!

Each one of us would have a different waistline, different metabolic rates and also the nature of saturated fat. Consequentially, the nature of weight loss would also be varied.

Some people would lose weight quickly while others may react steadily to Pro Ana. The trick is to understand how your body reacts and to take steps accordingly.

Pro Ana would instantaneously help you to lose some weight in the first few days. You can go hard at it but know the line which you shouldn’t cross. The moment you understand that your body is randomly losing weight, take it slowly and make weight loss a steady process.

If you do not see immediate results, don’t be disappointed since your body is reacting slowly to the diet regimen. Sticking to Pro Ana for a fortnight would help.

There is only one word of caution about Pro Anorexia. Since this is an extreme diet where calorie count is absolutely crashed down, there should be a stern limit to how long and how extensive you can get with Pro Ana.

You must know the ideal waistline for you subject to your height, age and physical structure. Pro Ana can make you extremely slim and to an extent where you may become fragile, weak to do normal tasks. Having protruding rib bones is not a healthy site and no woman should try to achieve that. This is why you must walk out of Pro Ana when you have shed enough.

The best strategy to adapt is to set a goal. If you think you have 60 pounds of extra weight, target 30 pounds initially. Lose the 30 pounds in about 4 to 8 weeks with Pro Ana and then call it off.

Try to maintain the attained weight by avoiding heavy meals. Once you have managed to keep off any further weight gain or regaining the old waistline for a month or two, embark on another schedule of Pro Ana. This way you would never go overboard with your weight loss quest.

If you have an opinion about Pro Ana or have tried it, we would love to hear your experiences which can help others like you to lose weight and have the much desired figure.

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